Asiatic Entrepreneur Academy Sdn. Bhd. has today progressed into a higher education provider from it’s humble beginning when it was incorporated in 2006 with the objective of developing a new breed of self employed businessmen and/or entrepreneurs who are involved in building their own businesses. Such individuals are found to be lacking the important basic knowledge or education in managing a business especially on matters such as Business Law, understanding the Accounts on areas example the Balance Sheet including Financial Management or Cash Flow.

The introduction of the courses is based on thorough market research/feedback and survey in the academic field touching on key syllabuses that are both meaningful and useful towards the day to day operation of a business especially for middle management staff or personnel in helping improving the overall operation of a Company.

Asiatic Entrepreneur Academy Sdn. Bhd. is now a well recognize education and training provider certified by HRDF a division of the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources. Companies who are monthly contributors to the HRDF Fund are entitled to recover the full costs when sending their staff for the course.


To be the preferred education and training provider with a commitment towards becoming a world-class institution.


The objective of Asiatic Entrepreneur Academy is to be the Centre of Professional Entrepreneurship with an enjoyable learning experience.


To fulfil the knowledge gap and uplift management skills in a competitive Knowledge Economy.

To promote and inculcate Unlearn and Relearn mentality.

Advocating affordable education for everyone irrespective of age or background.

To inculcate industry relevant Code of Ethics and Values.

There are RULES for SUCCESS and REASONS for FAILURE and Building a Successful Business is No Exception

The Founder / CEO
Winston S.C. Wong

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The Founder / CEO
Winston S.C. Wong

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